Our Mission

Midwestern Transit Service, Inc. and Midwestern Freight Forwarding, Inc. are successful and recognized leaders of the transportation industry.

These companies have been serving customers since founded in 1985 by David Taylor, Certified Transportation Broker (CTB) and his late wife Donna Taylor. Since the companies’ foundation, we have dedicated ourselves to continuously improving our services, relationships, and ourselves. Our passion has transformed the companies’ quality and many values in our business environment. The faith in our values has been implemented into our mission and philosophy.


Midwestern’s mission is to consistently provide our customers with quality, responsive, personalized and competitively priced transportation services. Our goal is of continued company growth and commitment to becoming a recognized industry leader in the pursuit of excellence. We pioneer innovative ideas and technologies. The sense of unity and teamwork in our work force and our excellent co-operation with our customers and vendors will enable us to achieve our mission well into the future.


To instill within ourselves these qualities essential for professional excellence:

Discipline . . . Being able to follow as well as lead, knowing we must master ourselves before we can master our task.

Competence . . . There being no substitute for total preparations and complete dedication, for business will not tolerate the careless, indifferent or inefficient.

Confidence . . . Believing in ourselves as well as others, knowing we must master hesitation before we can succeed.

Responsibility . . . Realizing that it cannot be shifted to others, for it belongs to each of us; we must answer for what we do, and not accept failure.

Toughness . . . Taking a stand when we must; to try again, and again, even it if means following a more difficult path.

Teamwork . . . Respecting and utilizing the ability of others, realizing that we work toward a common goal, for success depends on the efforts of all.

–          To always be aware that suddenly and unexpectedly we may find ourselves in a role where our performance has devastating consequences.

–          To recognize that the greatest error is not to have tried and failed, but that in trying, we did not give it our best effort.

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